The Nail Lounge of La Jolla offers a variety of manicures to suit your needs.Whether you seek a simple shine or a complete pampering, there is aperfect manicure for you.

Classic Manicure

The Classic Manicure begins with a soothing soak to softenskin and prepare your cuticles and nails to be shaped. A moisturizinghand massage follows this, leaving your hands relaxed and hydrated.At the end of this refreshing manicure, a polish of your choice isapplied. You will be left with relaxed hands, well-groomed nail beds,and clean, sparkling nails.

Deluxe Manicure

The Deluxe Manicure includes all of the soothing stepsof the Classic Manicure, with the addition of a sea salt scrub. Thesea salt scrub takes place after nail shaping and before the moisturizingmassage. The natural sea salts gently exfoliate the skin to buff awaydead skin cells, leaving brighter, exhilarated hands.

The Lounge Manicure

The Lounge Manicure is the most luxurious manicure offeredby The Nail Lounge of La Jolla. This lavish manicure includes everythingfrom the Classic Manicure and the Deluxe Manicure, with the additionof a warm paraffin bath. The warm paraffin bath heals and soothes dry,cracked hands by moisturizing skin to a silky touch.

Paraffin Treatment

This warm spa bath provides intensive moisture therapyfor skin. The heat from the liquid paraffin opens pores and increasescirculation in the skin while the paraffin soothes stiffness and locksin moisture in the hands. This simple but soothing treatment is greatfor those in need of moisture therapy.

Natural Shine

Natural Shine consists of a buffing treatment of the nails.The buffing gives nails a natural, healthy shine, without the needfor nail polish.

Hot Oil Treatment

The Hot Oil Treatment gives rough, brittle nails and dry,cracked cuticles relief with the use of a warm mineral oil.

French Polish

A simple coat of French polish to give nails a beautifulshine. The Nail Lounge of La Jolla only uses high quality brandssuch as:

  • OPI
  • Essie
  • Orly
  • Zoya